Chant pour tous – alle singen! Potsdam

Chant pour tous – alle singen! Potsdam

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Date / Heure
Date(s) - 11/05/2024
17h00 - 19h00

Nombre de participants : 0/10

Chant pour tous – Potsdam (Germany)

Inspired by the French vocal improvisation community, I would like to immerse you in the world of vocal improvisation (circle songs, free improvisation, body music and musical group games)!

Chant pour tous are free events,

– to which everyone (even the shy ones) is welcome

– where 100% vocal and body music (without instruments) can be heard

– where only improvised music is sung (neither composed songs nor canons, etc.)

Circlesongs are a wonderfully playful way of making music together, made famous by Bobby McFerrin.

Without sheet music, this guided group improvisation creates unique music out of the moment. And don’t worry: nothing and nobody has to, everything can!

Better than words, the following video gives a vivid impression:

Matthias Lutz is an impromusician, music teacher and Gestalt therapist. He has been organising Circlesong sessions since 2018, both indoors and outdoors, for amateurs and professionals to learn and enjoy.

On Saturday, 11.5.

17-19 h

Nuthepark, meeting point at the Nuthe bridge

Anyone can join in spontaneously without any previous experience and get carried away by the groove!

Participation on a voluntary donation basis


Les inscriptions sont closes pour cet évènement.

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